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New Wind Turbine Sound Rules Take Effect In Vermont

On Nov. 22, new sound rules went into effect for different sizes of wind energy facilities in Vermont.Earlier this month, the Vermont Public Utility...
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Penn State’s Microgrid, Energy Storage Training Aims To Advance Wind And Solar

Penn State says it is working to advance wind and solar energy through a program offering education and training for energy storage and microgrid...

Master Limited Partnerships Bill Re-emerges To ‘Level Energy Playing Field’

Lawmakers have re-introduced bipartisan legislation that they say would level the energy playing field by giving renewable energy projects access to a tax advantage...
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New Battery System To Help Store Wind Energy At Massachusetts School

On Thursday, executives with Vionx Energy and National Grid celebrated the completion and commissioning of Vionx’s 3 MWh storage unit at Holy Name Junior/Senior...
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E.ON Gets To Work On Energy Storage At Texas Wind Farms

E.ON has begun construction on its Texas Waves energy storage projects, which are co-located at the company’s existing Pyron and Inadale wind farms in...

Xcel, Otter Tail Power Complete CapX2020 Transmission Line In S.D.

With multiple wind and other generation projects waiting to interconnect, Xcel Energy and Otter Tail Power Co. have announced the completion of the 70-mile,...

The Race Is On: Will U.S. Renewables Leave Nuclear In The Dust?

With each providing roughly 20% of the nation’s power, renewable energy sources are in a statistical dead heat with nuclear power, nonprofit research group...
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Swiss Energy Storage Company Opens Up Hub In Indiana

The company currently has three major projects underway in North America, including energy storage systems for grid ancillary services in the midwest U.S. and Ontario.

The DOE’s Grid Study Is Finally Here

The agency blames the dominance of natural gas, as well as the increase of wind and solar, for the "negative impact" on traditional baseload generation, e.g. coal.
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Energy Dept.’s EERE: Four ‘Emerging Trends’ For U.S. Offshore Wind

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is touting offshore wind as what could be “the next...