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Pennsylvania Bill Would Add Nuclear To Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard

In an effort to prevent the "premature and permanent closure" of Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants, State Rep. Tom Mehaffie, R-Dauphin, has introduced a bill...

Federal Stats Show Renewables Provide More Electricity Than Nuclear In Majority Of States

Citing concerns about "national security" and "grid reliability," the Trump administration is weighing options for subsidizing and preventing the closure of nuclear and coal...

NextEra And Alliant Agree On Less Nuclear, More Wind

NextEra Energy Resources LLC and Alliant Energy's Iowa energy company have agreed to shorten the term of their existing power purchase agreement (PPA) for...

Report: The Steep Price Of A Coal And Nuclear Bailout

In response to the Trump administration's proposed plan to bail out failing coal and nuclear plants across the country, The Brattle Group - a...

Trump Administration Memo Reveals Coal Bailout Plans; Energy Groups Counter

The Trump administration reportedly has plans in the works to direct U.S. grid operators to purchase power from struggling coal and nuclear facilities -...
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CPUC Approves PG&E Nuclear Plant Closure But Cuts ‘Critical Elements’ Of Plan

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s (PG&E) request to retire Diablo Canyon, the state's last remaining nuclear...

The Race Is On: Will U.S. Renewables Leave Nuclear In The Dust?

With each providing roughly 20% of the nation’s power, renewable energy sources are in a statistical dead heat with nuclear power, nonprofit research group...

Report: Coal, Nuclear Plant Closures? Don’t Blame Renewables

In response to questions posed by Energy Secretary Rick Perry, a new report finds there is no evidence that a changing power mix poses a threat to the reliability of the nation’s power system.

From Nuclear To Renewables: Can New York Make The Change?

As long as appropriate policies and transmission upgrades are established, New York can rely mostly on energy efficiency and wind and solar power to replace the Indian Point Energy Center, a new report says.

Russian Nuclear Corporation Wants In On Wind Power

With a goal of developing wind power in Russia, ROSATOM, the country’s national nuclear corporation, has approved a partnership between daughter company OTEK and...

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