NYISO To Integrate Centralized Forecasts


The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) will incorporate a centralized wind forecasting system to better accommodate wind power in New York's bulk electricity grid. NYISO says that the forecasting system, planned for implementation this summer, is one of many steps being taken by NYISO to recognize and incorporate the unique characteristics and variable nature of wind power in dispatching resources to economically serve the state's electric load.

NYISO has contracted AWS Truewind, based in Colonie, N.Y., to implement the forecasting capability.

‘As more wind power projects are connected to the grid, they will require enhanced attention, says Robert Hiney, a NYISO board member and interim president. ‘The advance forecasts will allow us to accommodate wind power more accurately and reliably.’

To produce the forecasts, wind generators will send meteorological data to AWS Truewind, and NYISO will send power data to AWS Truewind. NYISO will use wind power forecasts provided by AWS Truewind to integrate wind power in balancing the supply of electricity with consumer demand.

In addition, NYISO has proposed wind-related revisions in market rules, which are subject to approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The proposals include:
– increasing the amount of wind generation eligible for exemption from under-generation penalties and full compensation for over-generation,
– requiring wind projects to finance the costs of the centralized forecasting service, and
– establishing penalties for wind generators for failing to deliver meteorological data to the NYISO forecaster.

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