Eurus Energy Group Appoints New Regional Leaders


The Eurus Energy Group has appointed Mark E. Anderson and Junichi Tsuruta as new leaders for the company's renewable energy development efforts in the Americas and Europe, respectively.

Anderson has been promoted to president and CEO of Eurus Energy America Corp., having worked with Eurus since 2002 as chief financial officer and senior vice president. He has an extensive background in the renewable and thermal energy industry as a developer and investment banker.

In Europe, Tsuruta has assumed the leadership role of as managing director of Eurus Energy UK Ltd. and Eurus Energy Europe.

‘In North America, we expect to complete more than 230 MW of wind power facilities in 2008,’ says Tetsuro Nagata, president of Eurus Energy Holdings Corp. ‘Additional opportunities in our project pipeline for 2009 and beyond show great promise, and we expect continuing significant growth.’

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