Wildlife Acoustics Releases Ultrasonic Monitoring System For Bats


Concord, Mass.-based Wildlife Acoustics, a supplier of acoustic-monitoring systems for endangered and threatened wildlife species around the world, has released the SM2 Terrestrial Ultrasonic Package.

The SM2 is a weatherproof, low-power, two-channel ultrasonic recorder capable of continuous unattended monitoring and recording of bat echolocation calls for long periods of time.

Each channel has independent triggers, filters and gain settings. The two channels allow bats to be recorded on two different microphones up to 800 feet apart. Alternatively, one microphone can be used to monitor bat activity while another simultaneously records birds, frogs and other non-ultrasonic sounds.

A typical configuration for wind farm pre-construction surveys includes one ultrasonic microphone near ground level and another mounted at nacelle height at the end of a long cable for each tower. The SM2 allows monitoring in this configuration with the benefit of only one recorder to mount and power.

Post-processing Wac2Wav software, available from Wildlife Acoustics at no charge, converts recordings made by the SM2 to either standard .WAV files or legacy zero-crossing files while removing false triggers caused by background noise.
SOURCE: Wildlife Acoustics Inc. Â

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