WebCore Technologies Develops TYCOR W


Miamisburg, Ohio-based WebCore Technologies LLC, a manufacturer of structural composite core solutions, has developed TYCOR W as a high-performance alternative to balsa and foam cores to help blade designers and fabricators reduce total cost and weight for utility-scale wind turbine blade production, according to the company.

The engineered, fiber-reinforced composite core is produced under ISO-9001 quality standards.

The one-inch-thick TYCOR W saves an average of 0.5 pounds per square foot and reduces resin usage by 0.2 pounds per square foot when compared to one-inch-thick balsa, according to WebCore.

TYCOR W's larger sheet size reduces the number of core segments necessary to load large turbine blade molds, resulting in fewer core joints, faster fabrication and enhanced core fit at adjoining segments, the company adds.

SOURCE: WebCore Technologies LLC

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