Survey: Emissions Reductions Top U.S. Business Concern In Climate Change Debate


U.S. companies' top concern in the climate change debate is reducing carbon emissions, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' Appetite for Change survey. Of the climate change/environmental issues expected to most impact U.S. companies over the next two to five years, U.S. survey respondents ranked the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions first (16%), followed by new regulation (13%), energy efficiency (12%) and legislation/new laws (11%).

While the debate continues over more comprehensive approaches to curbing greenhouse gas emissions, there is broad-based support for tax incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency, according to the survey. In fact, 88% of U.S. companies surveyed say that tax incentives were effective in encouraging businesses to reduce their environmental impact. Yet two-thirds of U.S. respondents (67%) say that tax incentives currently in place are not sufficiently motivating them to change their business behavior to obtain them.

Nearly one in four U.S. respondents (23%) believe government should have primary responsibility for leading behavioral change around climate initiatives, rather than businesses overall or their own industry. In contrast, 44% of respondents globally said government should have primary responsibility in this area.

SOURCE: PricewaterhouseCoopers

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