Siemens Unveils 3 MW Direct-Drive Wind Turbine


Siemens Energy has launched its SWT-3.0-101 direct-drive wind turbine. The new turbine has a rated power of 3 MW and a rotor diameter of 101 meters, and utilizes a completely new direct-drive concept with a permanent magnet generator.

With half the number of parts as a conventional geared wind turbine, and much less than half the number of moving parts, the new wind turbine will require less maintenance, according to Siemens.

The new SWT-3.0-101 features a new, gearless drivetrain design with a compact, synchronous generator with permanent magnets. According to Siemens, the main advantage of permanent magnet generators is their simple and robust design that requires no excitation power, slip rings or excitation control systems, leading to high efficiency, even at low loads.

With a length of 6.8 meters and a diameter of only 4.2 meters, the nacelle can be transported using standard vehicles commonly available in most major markets, Siemens adds. The nacelle of the SWT-3.0-101 weighs only 73 tons, which is less than the nacelle of the company's standard 2.3 MW wind turbine.

SOURCE: Siemens

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