Senate Fails To Overcome Energy Bill Filibuster


In a statement from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Gregory Wetstone, senior director of governmental and public affairs for AWEA, criticized the U.S. Senate's narrow failure to overcome a filibuster of the energy bill.

‘Today's vote is out of step with Americans across the political spectrum who overwhelmingly support clean, homegrown renewable energy,’ Wetstone said.

In an industry action alert, AWEA said Senate leaders were working to revise the energy bill in order to secure the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. The key vote was for the Reid Amendment, which included a two-year production tax credit (PTC) extension at full value and a small wind tax credit. A renewable portfolio standard was not included.

‘We will continue to work with Congressional leaders on these vital issues,’ said Wetstone, ‘and we are confident that we will secure enactment of the tax incentives and other policies that Americans need and want to put our nation on the path to a clean and secure energy future.’

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