Seeger-Orbis Introduces Tempest Series

Barnes Group subsidiary, Seeger-Orbis, a manufacturer of retaining rings has launched a retaining ring series designed specifically for the growing demands of the wind energy industry.

Seeger-Orbis has tailored the new Tempest series to meet the large size requirements and durability necessary for the extreme service requirement of wind turbines. Tempest rings are manufactured from high-grade spring steels that are chosen for the special characteristics they deliver to wind turbine nacelles.

Tempest rings range in sizes up to 1,000 mm or larger depending on customer needs, making them ideal for various applications, including the gearbox, pitch system, main bearing, yaw system, brake system and generator.

‘Due to the nature of the wind industry, rings must be extremely durable and ensure performance in critical force situations,’ says Jorg Eberhard, manager of industry management for energy for the Barnes Group. ‘Leveraging our CAD systems and engineering ingenuity, Seeger partners with customers to design and manufacture the Tempest product line for their specific needs.

All rings in the Tempest series meet TS 16949 certified quality assurance system specifications.

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SOURCE: Barnes Group Inc.


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