Report: Minnesota Can Be A National Green Leader

Minnesota is poised to become a national leader in green technology, according to a report issued by Minnesota 2020, a, nonpartisan think tank.

According to ‘Jump Starting Minnesota's Green Economy,’ leadership by the state legislature has put the state on the path to obtain 25% of its electricity from wind and other renewable sources.

The objective of the report is to inject business and technical discipline into Minnesota's green economy policy framework. The state already has had success in improving the state's economy and environment by developing well-thought-out policy such as the wind mandate, according to the report. This was due to a consensus between government and industry based on sound science and good business practices.

The state's business communities, including venture capitalists, have turned their focus toward green technology as the next growth sector. Strong leadership in the state can provide a coherent, business-friendly approach to developing this green economy, according to the report, which reviews seven specific opportunities for green technology growth in Minnesota.

In addition, Minnesota has enormous wind power capacity – far more than the grid can absorb in the foreseeable future. The report says this surplus wind power can be used to produce ammonia for fertilizer. Minnesota's own fertilizer needs can inject $300 million per annum into the state's economy and use up to 2,000 MW of wind power.

SOURCE: Minnesota 2020


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