Report: Climate Energy Policies Could Create 2.5 Million Jobs, Hold Down Energy Costs

New greenhouse gas emissions and energy policies at the federal level could generate as many as 2.5 million new jobs and $134 billion in economic activity in the U.S. while keeping energy costs down, according to a new report from the Center for Climate Strategies.

The report is based on economic impacts of climate policies developed by 16 states and calls for adoption of 23 specific policy approaches that have the potential to reduce pollution, are cost-effective, and improve energy, health, environment and economic development.

Suggested policy adoptions would focus on the creation of new clean energy sources for heat and power; improved energy efficiency and industrial processes; transportation and land-use improvements; agriculture and forestry conservation; and the expansion of recycling and waste energy recovery under a national framework.

Assuming full and appropriately scaled implementation of all 23 actions in all U.S. states, the resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions would surpass national GHG targets proposed by President Obama and congressional legislation, and would reduce U.S. emissions to 27% below 1990 levels in 2020, equal to 4.46 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, the reports says.

SOURCE: Center for Climate Strategies


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