Powdr Corp. Offsetting Electricity Use


Park City, Utah-based Powdr Corp. has announced that it will offset 100% of the grid-supplied electricity consumed at its seven ski and snowboard resorts and one tubing park through the purchase of nearly 50 million kWh of renewable energy credits beginning in June.

‘We are passionate about the snowsports industry and the quality of life it provides to our families, team members and guests,’ says Brent Giles, director of environmental affairs for Powdr. ‘Our commitment to offset 100 percent of our resorts' power from renewable energy sources is another step in the right direction to sustain our mountain lifestyle for years to come.’

Powdr will work with Boulder, Colo.-based Renewable Choice Energy as its renewable energy provider. The company is a provider of Green-e certified sources such as wind, biomass and small hydro.

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