NRG Systems Releases WindLinx

NRG Systems Systems and Wireless Innovation Ltd. have introduced WindLinx, a unified wireless service from NRG. The new service, designed exclusively for professionals conducting wind measurement campaigns using NRG Systems' communication modules, streamlines the wireless account set-up process and simplifies overall management of met tower data transfer from multiple sites around the world, the company says.

‘WindLinx eliminates the need to juggle information from multiple wireless providers – it's a one stop shop for the management of wireless communication services for met towers,’ says Larry Jacobs, marketing manager for NRG Systems. ‘With this global wireless service, customers can now meet all of their wireless service needs through Wireless Innovation.’

WindLinx allows for uniform activation of communications services (including Iridium satellite, GSM and CDMA). The WindLinx web portal, a key feature of the wireless service, allows for remote management and monitoring of wireless account activity.

Starting on June 1, all NRG System's Symphonie iPacks will ship pre-configured for WindLinx wireless service, including a form instructing customers how to activate and manage accounts. Customers wishing to remain with existing service providers may continue to do so. For more information, visit

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