NACEL Energy Announces Appointments


Phoenix-based NACEL Energy Corp. has appointed Andre Schwegler incoming chief financial officer (CFO) and Mark Schaftlein a new member of the company's board of directors.

Schwegler was initially retained by the company through an investment banking agreement with European American Equities Inc. (EAE). Under this agreement, he served NACEL Energy in an advisory capacity involving the structuring of equity and debt financing, and expanding and building relationships with wind sector-specific banks and investment funds.

Schwegler has 12 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience, having specialized in institutional private placements for publicly traded companies since 1997.

Schaftlein's association with NACEL Energy began in early 2009, initially in a consulting role focused upon improving the company's management, financial and corporate structures. In July 2009, Schaftlein accepted the position of CFO.

In accepting his appointment to NACEL Energy's board of directors, Schaftlein continues to contribute with his years of public company and business experience while at the same enabling the appointment of Schwegler as incoming CFO.

Schaftlein is the founder and CEO of Capital Consulting Inc. In addition to NACEL Energy, he has also previously served in officer and director capacities with other public companies including Far East Energy Corp. and SP Holdings.

SOURCE: NACEL Energy Corp.

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