Meteodyn Launches Short-Term Forecasting System

Meteodyn has developed a short-term forecasting system to predict energy production for operating wind farms. The energy output is given at each turbine every 10 minutes in a period of up to seven days ahead.

The updates and horizons can be decided by the wind farm operator. This system helps operators schedule maintenance and also helps wind energy traders estimate the volume available for financial markets, according to the company.

The program integrates wind speeds and directions calculated by numerical weather predictions (meso-meteorological scale modeling). It combines this information with the topographical wind coefficients at each turbine defined by the computational fluid dynamics code Meteodyn WT for each synoptic direction.

As a result, the energy forecast is calculated for wind farms located in complex or forested terrains. In addition, wake losses created behind each operating turbine are also taken into account for the production calculation, according to Meteodyn.

SOURCE: Meteodyn


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