GWEC Applauds Bali Climate Conference Road Map


Brussels, Belgium-based Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), an international organization that promotes the development of wind power, welcomed an agreement to develop a climate regime to build on the Kyoto Protocol reached at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali.

The ‘Bali road map’ seeks to launch comprehensive negotiations on a post-2012 framework and conclude those negotiations by 2009 – including commitments and actions for both developed and developing countries – and improve the Kyoto Protocol's market mechanisms as well as tighten existing loopholes.

‘The wind industry will play a key role in meeting strong emission reductions from the power sector,’ says Steve Sawyer, GEWC general secretary. ‘At the same time, we will seek to make an increasing contribution to this process – seeking to improve the functioning of the carbon markets, as well as to improve the framework to create markets for the dissemination of our clean, emission-free energy technology throughout the world. Wind energy not only helps meet climate protection goals, but increases countries' energy security and creates positive economic development.’

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