Flomerics Offers Workshops On Optimizing Data Center Cooling


U.K.-based Flomerics, which has offices in the U.S now offers regular workshops on how to optimize the thermal performance of data centers using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. The workshops will explain how to simulate the thermal performance of an existing or planned data center configuration using templates and libraries that enable users to drag and drop building blocks into the model. The three-day seminar includes two days of training, while the third day is devoted to helping attendees model their own data center.

‘This new workshop will help architects, engineers and facility owners optimize cooling performance and minimize energy costs for both new and existing data centers,’ says Paul Rose, principle consultant engineer with Flomerics.

The first two days of the workshop will explain how to model data centers, including the following topics:

– using templates that provide the basic structure of the layout,

– creating the room layout including walls and raised floor,

– adding floor grills from a library,

– add computer room air conditioners either in the data center or in a utility room,

– modeling cabinets containing computing and communications equipment,

– solving the model and generating visual and numeric results, and

– making improvements in the design of the data center to optimize cooling and minimize energy consumption.

SOURCE: Flomerics

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