DeWind Announces Commissioning Of D8.2 Wind Turbine


DeWind, a subsidiary of Composite Technology Corp. (CTC), has completed the commissioning of the 2 MW D8.2 turbine erected at its Sweetwater, Texas, demonstration site. All mechanical commissioning is complete, and the turbine is synchronized with the local power grid. Power is being delivered to the grid for test purposes as part of the optimization process for the turbine, which will occur over the next few weeks. Once complete, power curve certification will take place.

‘Our customers in 60 Hz markets have been waiting to see an installed D8.2 produce power and synchronize with a 60 Hz grid,’ says Benton Wilcoxon, CEO of CTC. ‘We have accomplished both goals and have successfully demonstrated the transition from 50 Hz to a 60 Hz turbine.’

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