Collegiate School Will Purchase Green Power


The Collegiate School in New York City has partnered with Juice Energy Inc. to reduce its carbon footprint. The school will purchase green power equal to its total usage of 639,000 kWh annually. This green power takes the form of Green-e certified renewable energy credits supplied by wind farms in the western U.S.

‘We are especially thrilled to be working with Collegiate and to add them to our list of school and university clients,’ says Deirdre Lord, co founder and chief operating officer of Juice Energy. ‘It is particularly exciting that CENIC (Collegiate with the Environment Naturally in Check), the student environmental organization, inspired the school to work with Juice. CENIC determined that it was time to do something 'big' for the environment and worked hard to make buying green power an integral part of Collegiate's environmental strategy.’

Juice Energy supplies universities, schools and businesses cost-effective management of volatile electricity prices and climate change solutions.

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