Broadwind Appoints Reiland Chairman


Broadwind Energy Inc. has appointed David P. Reiland as chairman of its board of directors. He has served as a member of the company's board since April 2008.

Reiland joined Magnetek in 1986 and served as the company's CEO and president from 2006 to 2008. He continues to serve on its board of directors. In addition, Reiland currently chairs Broadwind's finance committee and serves on the audit and executive committees.

‘He has played a key role since joining the board two years ago, and has been instrumental in helping the company navigate through the economic downturn and position itself for the recovering markets,’ says J. Cameron Drecoll, Broadwind's CEO.

Reiland succeeds James M. Lindstrom, who is an employee of Tontine Associates LLC, an investment firm that is affiliated with a group of investment funds that collectively are Broadwind's largest stockholder.

Lindstrom resigned from Broadwind's board of directors in connection with Tontine's decision to distribute to its investors a portion of its ownership position in the company.
SOURCE: Broadwind Energy Inc.

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