Alstom Launches 3 MW ECO 110 Wind Turbine

Alstom has introduced its 3 MW ECO 110 wind turbine, which is specifically designed for energy production on low- to medium-wind-speed sites for onshore projects.

The ECO 110 features a 110-meter rotor diameter and 53-meter-long blades. Alstom's wind turbines are based upon the company's ALSTOM PURE TORQUE rotor support concept, which protects the gearbox and other drivetrain components from deflection loads.

The concept separates the gearbox from the supporting structure, ensuring that only torque is transmitted through the shaft to the gearbox and all deflection loads are transmitted directly to the tower.

The ECO 110 has been designed to reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs. Its modular design allows the use of industry-standard transport and installation equipment. By keeping the rotor speed below 13.7 rotations per minute, the ECO 110 has been designed to also minimize noise emission.

The first ECO 110 unit was installed in autumn 2009 at the Loma Viso II wind farm in Albacete, Spain. The turbine received the statement of compliance for the design assessment from DEWI-OCC in March.

SOURCE: Alstom


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