XMission Converts To 100% Renewable Energy


XMission, Utah's largest independent Internet service provider, recently announced its upgrade to 100% renewable energy through Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky program. Rocky Mountain Power purchases energy for the Blue Sky program from six wind generation facilities, including Judith Gap, Condon, Foot Creek IV, Klondike, Nine Canyon, Pleasant Valley and Stateline.

As a ‘visionary’ top-level participant, XMission purchases 2,826 blocks of renewable energy each month from sources such as wind, solar and geothermal. With this recent upgrade, XMission has increased its renewable energy purchase by 412%.

‘As one of Utah's top consumers of electricity, I am proud that XMission is setting the example for other businesses,’ says Pete Ashdown, president and founder of Xmission. ‘You can eliminate pollution from your business and be economically viable.’

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