Windurance Acquires ISO 9001 Certification


Coraopolis, Pa.-based Windurance, a global supplier of wind turbine blade pitch control systems, has acquired International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certification of the quality management system from Bureau Veritas, a third-party auditing firm.

‘Having the ISO 9001 certification ensures our processes are effectively and efficiently meeting the established goals,’ says Tracy D. Sandell, director of quality services at Windurance. ‘It allows us to measure our progress towards continual improvement of business performance in an ever-changing business environment.’

Windurance has been engineering and manufacturing blade pitch control systems for utility-scale wind turbines since 2000. Over 1,800 MW of power are being generated optimally using Windurance pitch systems in North America, Europe and Asia.

SOURCE: Windurance Â

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