WindESCo, Capital Power Partner to Optimize Wind Turbine Performance


WindESCo has entered a partnership with Capital Power Corp., a Canadian wholesale power generator, to assess improvements to their Canadian wind power plants’ efficiencies by leveraging the WindESCo WeBoost wind optimization platform.

“Yaw misalignment has a serious impact on energy capture, power quality and the health status of wind turbines,” says Mo Dua, founder and CRO of WindESCo.  “Wind operators are now able to apply advanced analytics to detect anomalies for optimal energy output. Our WindESCo platform will allow Capital Power to not only identify problems but also allow wind operators to fix these problems, ensuring turbines are performing to their maximum design capability.”

WindESCo WeBoost combines advanced analytics, proprietary algorithms and domain expertise to identify, fix and optimize wind turbine capacity. Using SCADA data, machine learning, physics and experience models, WeBoost detects systematic yaw and pitch misalignment on individual turbines to provide recommendations and specific actions to fix inefficiencies in turbine performance.

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