US Wind Secures Cabling Partner For MD Offshore Project


In support of its planned 750 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Maryland, Baltimore-based US Wind Inc. has teamed up with JDR Cable Systems Ltd., which is supplying underwater power cables for the project.

US Wind is one of two applicants for the offshore renewable energy credit – a process currently under a 180-day public comment period overseen by the Maryland Public Services Commission. (The other applicant is Deepwater Wind.)

“We’re interested in putting together a whole new offshore wind industry right here in Maryland, and bringing JDR here is a big piece of that puzzle,” comments Riccardo Toto, president of US Wind.

For the wind farm, JDR’s scope of work includes project management, as well as engineering and manufacturing 122 miles of inter-array cables, 112 miles of export cables and other cable accessories. JDR will also provide cable installation and testing.

The cable manufacturing is expected to commence in 2018, and delivery and installation are planned for 2019 and 2020. Engineering work is scheduled to begin later this year.

US Wind officials say this partnership marks the start of bringing 5,000 manufacturing jobs to Maryland and generating over $16 billion in net economic output over the life of its wind farm.

“We are extremely proud to be selected by US Wind for the full cable package,” notes David Currie, CEO of JDR Cable Systems. “This partnership will strengthen Maryland and Baltimore as a regional business hub and support additional job creation.”

Toto adds, “This new partnership with JDR brings us one step closer to establishing Maryland as the hub for offshore wind manufacturing for the entire East Coast of the U.S. We’re ready to get to work.”

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