Ultralife Awarded Funding For Wind Turbine Energy-Storage System


Ultralife Corp. has been awarded a total of $3 million by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA).

Ultralife will use the funding to demonstrate its new lithium-ion battery energy-storage system to support a wind turbine demonstration project planned for installation on the campus of the State University of New York at Canton (SUNY Canton).

Ultralife will manufacture an advanced 2 MWh lithium-ion battery energy-storage system for integration with a single wind turbine that is expected to be installed and operational in 2011.

The energy-storage system is based on Ultralife's existing modular lithium ion battery system technology and will be designed to support the SUNY Canton electrical power demand with a capacity to store 2 MWh of electrical power and deliver that power at a rate of up to 500 kW for up to four hours.

This demonstration project will evaluate the technical capability and economic benefits of advanced electric energy-storage system batteries integrated with wind turbine generating systems. As such, it is intended to serve as a model for integration of a managed energy-storage system with a utility-scale wind power turbine for renewable wind facilities nationwide.

The project will result in data to confirm the technical performance and economic benefits of Ultralife's energy-storage system, specifically targeting renewable and alternative energy integration, peak shifting, peak shaving, frequency regulation and other energy-storage applications.

With excess power generated by the wind turbine to be controlled in a ‘dispatchable’ manner, SUNY Canton will be able to reduce campus peak demands and target specific utility rate structures to lower electricity costs. SUNY Canton is supporting the siting of both the wind turbine and energy-storage projects.

SOURCE: Ultralife Corp. Â

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