Trillium Foundation Provides Funds For Green Training

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has announced $2 million in Future Fund grants to four community projects. Organizations will use the funds to promote systematic change in green jobs skills development and training. This will support the long-term transformation in the green economy and achieve ongoing benefits for industries, workers and communities.

The following recipients received funding:

– The Greater Toronto Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council will receive $393,100 over three years to train building professionals and tradespeople in the technologies and benefits of renewable energy, green building, increasing capacity in energy and water conservation, and efficiency in communities in Ontario;

– The Windfall Ecology Centre will receive $538,600 over three years to develop and launch RePower Ontario, a community-based training program designed to connect participants with employment opportunities in Ontario's Green Economy;

– Partners in Skills Development for the Green Economy c/o Youth Employment Assistance Headquarters Inc. will receive $503,300 over three years to further the development of solar generation programs and provide skills training in Leeds Grenville to meet the needs of eastern Ontario employers in the photovoltaic area of the green economy; and

– The Biomass Network Group c/o Biomass Innovation Centre at Nipissing University will receive $565,000 over 44 months to help establish biomass as one of new clean technologies in the province and to support the economic growth of northern Ontario through curriculum development and training in a wide range of jobs and professions.

SOURCE: The Ontario Trillium Foundation


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