SPP Approves Construction Of New Transmission Infrastructure

The Southwest Power Pool Inc. (SPP) board of directors and members committee have approved for construction a group of priority high-voltage electric transmission projects estimated to bring benefits of at least $3.7 billion to the SPP region over 40 years.

The projects will improve the regional electric grid by reducing congestion on the power lines, better integrating SPP's East and West regions, improving members' ability to deliver power to customers, and facilitating the addition of new renewable and non-renewable generation to the electric grid, according to SPP.

SPP will issue notices to construct these projects pending successful implementation of its proposed highway/byway cost-sharing proposal. The total cost to engineer and construct these projects is estimated to be $1.14 billion.

Transmission owners whose substations connect to the beginning or end of the lines will have the right of first obligation to build the projects. If a transmission owner chooses not to build, SPP's open-access transmission tariff prescribes the selection process.

Entities responsible for construction will then work with their state regulatory commissions when appropriate to obtain the necessary approvals regarding siting and rate recovery.

SOURCE: Southwest Power Pool Inc.


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