Southern California Edison Issues RFO

Southern California Edison (SCE) has issued a competitive request for offers (RFO) for new power contracts with independent generators and marketers. The RFO seeks agreements of up to 48 months in duration starting in January 2011 that will enhance the electricity supply certainty for SCE customers. The solicitation will conclude in early October.

Contracts being sought include dispatchable unit-contingent tolling agreements, non-dispatchable qualifying facilities resources, and resource adequacy tags – either from existing or newly constructed resources – and day-ahead financial heat rate call options.

The solicitation is open to all sources of electric generation that can deliver power to SCE's customers, including renewable energy generation. The utility also conducts solicitations that are only for renewable generators.

RFO documents are available at

SCE has retained Sedway Consulting to be an independent evaluator for this all-source solicitation. The evaluator reports directly to the California Public Utilities Commission.

SOURCE: Southern California Edison


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