RGGI States Issue Notice For June CO2 Allowance Auction


The states participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) have released the auction notice and application materials for their 12th quarterly carbon dioxide (CO2) allowance auction.

The materials provide potential auction participants the information needed to submit a qualification application and indicate their intent to bid in the June 8 auction. As indicated in the Auction Notice for CO2 Allowance Auction 12, the participating states will offer for sale approximately 42 million CO2 allowances for the current control period (2009-2011) and approximately 2 million CO2 allowances for the future control period (2012-2014). States will use a reserve price of $1.89 for all allowances in the June auction.

Prospective bidders are invited to apply to participate in the June auction by downloading and submitting the auction documents from the RGGI website.

All prospective bidders must successfully complete the qualification process and submit an Intent to Bid to participate in the auction. To date, the participating states have auctioned more than 360 million CO2 allowances.

SOURCE: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

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