Power-One Delivers 2.5 MW Inverter To Wind Turbine Company


Camarillo, Calif.-based Power-One Inc., a provider of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and power management solutions, has delivered its 2.5 MW inverter for use in large offshore and onshore wind turbines to a U.S. wind turbine manufacturing company. It is expected that the inverters will be deployed in a multi-gigawatt offshore wind project under development in Europe.

Power-One's design is expected to support towers with a capacity of 5 MW to 6 MW, as well as future designs with capacities over 10 MW, according to the company. Further, the inverter incorporates liquid-cooling technology and medium voltage, designed to reduce customers' footprint and cabling costs.

The units are currently available for production and are compatible with a wide range of wind turbines. The 2.5 MW inverter incorporates insulated gate bipolar transistor-based design and delivers power to the grid from permanent magnet generators.

SOURCE: Power-One Inc.

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