Ontario Taps Bruce Campbell To Lead Merger Of IESO And OPA


Ontario's Ministry of Energy has announced that the provincial government has tapped Bruce Campbell to lead the new Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as CEO once the IESO completes a planned merger with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Campbell has served as president and CEO of the current IESO since May 2013.

According to the ministry, the government is delivering on a 2014 budget commitment to consolidate the two power agencies, and amalgamating the agencies will streamline electricity sector planning by reducing overlap and is expected to save millions of dollars going forward. The merger supports the government's commitment to improve agency efficiency, reduce costs and help mitigate future cost impacts to ratepayers, the ministry adds. The new organization will be operational in January 2015.

A joint working committee with representation from the IESO and the OPA has been formed to develop the work plan to transition to the new entity.

The new ministry has also announced the merged agency's planned board of directors, which is expected to include James Hinds, Timothy O'Neill, Cynthia Chaplin, Murray Elston, Susanna Han, Ronald Jamieson, Margaret Kelch, Bruce Lourie, William Museler, Deborah Whale and Bruce Campbell.

"With a depth of experience in the electricity sector, we are confident the new CEO and board of directors will lead the newly formed agency to create efficiencies and innovations that will respect ratepayers," comments Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli. "I look forward to welcoming Mr. Campbell to his new role and look forward to continuing to work with him to move our electricity sector forward."

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