Ontario Smart Grid Forum Issues Report


The Ontario Smart Grid Forum issued its report, ‘Enabling Tomorrow's Electricity System,’ which calls for a coordinated effort to increase reliability, develop economic opportunities and promote environmental sustainability through smart grid technologies.

The report represents the work of 10 leaders from within Ontario's electricity industry who looked at the various aspects of smart grid technologies and how they should be deployed and integrated in the province.

‘Emerging technologies and the need to connect clean and renewable generation are challenging transmission and distribution companies to recalibrate and establish more flexible and smart electricity grids,’ says Wayne Smith, vice president of grid operations for Hydro One. ‘A smarter grid can further facilitate investment in renewable sources of power generation like solar, wind and biomass – key to this province's goal to increase the amount of renewables in our system and decrease our reliance on carbon-based fuels.’

The report calls on the provincial government to facilitate the development of Ontario's smart grid through legislation and regulation to clarify roles, set standards and promote investment. This approach is needed to provide a framework for the development of a coordinated and cost-effective smart grid.

Other recommendations include developing requirements for – and the sufficient monitoring of – distribution-connected generation, energy storage and responsive load and creating a framework for smart grid research – including proposed funding mechanisms – to promote innovation and create green jobs.

For more information, visit ieso.ca/smartgridreport.com.

SOURCE: Ontario Smart Grid Forum

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