New Danish Alliance Seeks U.S. Offshore Wind Partnerships


Forming a Danish offshore wind alliance looking to team up with American companies, Bladt Industries, ISC Consulting Engineers, LICengineering and Semco Maritime have joined forces with The Trade Council of Denmark’s Wind Energy Advisory.

The new alliance, focusing on the design and production of offshore substations and wind turbine foundations, is seeking U.S. partnerships in order to bring Denmark’s experience in offshore wind overseas. The group plans to provide an integrated platform for partnerships with American companies and offshore wind developers.

Altogether, the four companies in the alliance have delivered wind turbine foundations to more than 25 offshore wind farms, as well as offshore substations to more than 20 projects.

“In the 26 years since Denmark installed our first offshore wind turbine, we have developed a highly skilled, world-class offshore wind industry that has billions of dollars invested and tens of thousands of employees,” says Ambassador Lars Gert Lose from the Embassy of Denmark.

“The Danish government is already sharing its regulatory successes and failures with our American friends through a partnership with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management,” he adds. “We are eager to build on that by creating partnerships with U.S. companies as they go through a similar process of building an offshore wind industry – and the supply chain for it – in the United States.”

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