Montana Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Wind Farm


The Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) has been ordered by the state's Supreme Court to set rates for a proposed wind power project, the Billings-Gazette reports, saying regulators ignored their own rules.

The Montana Supreme Court issued 5-0 ruling this week, saying the PSC ignored its own rules by not setting proper rates for the project's power.

Whitehall Wind, which is controlled by Gamesa, proposed a 50 MW project in the early 2000s. The developer wanted to sell the power to NorthWestern in accordance with the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act.

A Gamesa representative says she hopes the Supreme Court ruling will encourage the PSC to set a reasonable rate as soon as possible.

‘To build a wind farm, you need to know who you're going to sell it to and for how much,’ says Wanda Davies, head of development for Gamesa. ‘It's a critical piece in putting together a wind farm.’

SOURCE: The Billings-Gazette

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