Iowa Hosts Back-To-Back Wind Conferences


The Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation & Novel Development (IAWIND) and the Iowa Wind Energy Association (IWEA) are presenting the 2010 IAWIND Conference, which will focus on issues such as new design trends, forecasting and grid operations, improved materials and manufacturing methods, and turbine health monitoring and reliability.

The IAWIND Conference will also address workforce and training issues that are relevant to the wind industry. IAWIND is a partnership among state and local governments, community colleges, universities, the private sector, associations and community organizations, and the federal government.

The conference takes place today at the Scheman Building on Iowa State University's campus, followed by the Third Annual Iowa Wind Energy Association Conference, which will be held April 7.

The IWEA Conference will focus on a broad array of topics, including state and national issues. There will also be individual sessions on small and community wind; independent wind development; and large, integrated wind development.

SOURCE: The Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation & Novel Development

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