Iberdrola Wind Farm Dedicated In Missouri


The Farmers City Wind Power Project, located in Atchiston County, Mo., was recently dedicated. Taking its name from a historic farmers' market that was located within the wind farm's boundaries, the project features 73 Gamesa wind turbines that generate 146 MW.

The wind farm encompasses about 14,000 acres of land leased from 44 local landowners, and the project footprint covers less than 1% of the project's total acreage. The land continues to be used for corn and soybean farming.

‘The 44 local landowners are not the only ones to benefit from the 73 wind turbine Farmers City Project,’ says Eileen Irvine, director of the Atchison County Development Corp. ‘Tax dollars generated from the project help Atchison County pay for roads, services and, most notably, schools.’

Iberdrola Renewables developed Farmers City with a focus on the local economic benefits of the project construction and operation. During the peak of Farmers City's construction in 2009, up to 150 jobs were created.

The project also supports the local economy through lease payments to local landowners and tax payments to the county.

SOURCE: Iberdrola Renewables Â

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