Hexion Specialty Chemicals Opens New Facility

Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc. has officially opened its new specialty epoxy resin production facility in Esslingen, Germany.

The plant produces specialty epoxy resins and bonding pastes used in the manufacture of composite wind turbine blades for the wind industry.

‘Wind energy is becoming increasingly important as an environmentally suitable alternative for a portion of the world's energy needs,’ says Johannes Meunier, Hexion's business director of wind energy composites. ‘Advanced materials, such as our specialty epoxy resin systems, are a critically important component that enables these wind turbines to operate effectively and safely.’

The new 10,000 square-meter facility includes blending operations and associated warehousing, as well as an applications laboratory and offices. The facility replaces a smaller Hexion facility in nearby Stuttgart.

SOURCE: Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc.


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