Hendrix Introduces IQ Insulators

Milford, N.H.-based Hendrix Wire & Cable, a provider of overhead and underground power distribution products, has released the IQ Insulator, a power-line sensor for monitoring, profiling and reporting events on overhead power distribution lines.

IQ Insulators are wireless and programmable sensors that allow for quick and accurate monitoring of system performance and reliability, according to the company. Embedded systems provide flexibility to calculate and store root mean square values, enable advanced algorithms and adapt to user-defined parameters for circuits up to 35 kV. License-free wireless communications allow for remote configuration and data acquisition at a range of up to 150 feet.Â

The IQ Insulator operates on distribution systems up to 35 kV and all conductor types up to 1.75 inches OD. It is designed for mounting with Hendrix vise-top pin insulators, providing easy installation on new or existing circuits, without cutting conductors or de-energizing circuits, Hendrix Wire & Cable says. IQ Insulators are powered by patent-pending, battery-free, line-powered energy-harvesting technology to provide enduring maintenance-free operation, the company adds.Â

IQ Insulators are designed for harsh outdoor environments and temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C. Housings are constructed using high-density polyethylene.

SOURCE: Hendrix Wire & Cable Â


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