Grand Rapids Recognized For Renewable Energy Use


As a result of its support for renewable energy in Michigan, the city of Grand Rapids has been named Green Generation Customer of the Year by Consumers Energy.

Grand Rapids is enrolled as the largest single participant in Consumers Energy's Green Generation program and is helping to drive significant investment in Michigan-based wind power.

‘The action today on renewable energy is found in cities,’ says Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell. ‘I'm proud that Grand Rapids has taken a lead in this field and I'm grateful to our good partner Consumers Energy. The Green Generation program makes it easy for cities, businesses and homeowners to participate in the renewable energy movement.’

Grand Rapids is now one of the top 20 municipal purchasers of renewable energy, joining larger cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Diego. The city's leadership earned it induction into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Leadership Club in December 2008.

Consumers Energy's Green Generation program was the first voluntary renewable energy program in Michigan and now has more than 13,000 customer participants. The program was launched following authorization by the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Green Generation has led to the development of several new renewable energy projects in Michigan, including the state's largest wind facility, John Deere Renewables' Michigan Wind I in the Thumb region.

SOURCE: City of Grand Rapids

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