Gamesa Chairman Talks About Continued Growth In the Wind Industry


Jorge Calvet, chairman of Gamesa, says five factors will continue to drive growth in the wind power sector in the medium and long terms: the global commitment to cutting carbon emissions, growing demand for energy worldwide, the role played by wind power in boosting energy independence, the anticipated increase in and volatility of fossil-fuel prices and the steadily increasing competitiveness of wind power as a competing technology.

Calvet advocated the need to define a long-term strategic energy plan, moving ‘beyond the debate over premiums and ideology, paving the way for balanced participation by all available technologies and based on three principles: reduction of national energy vulnerability, diversification of energy sources and supply independence and security guarantees, with the added benefits of boosting the economy's competitiveness while minimizing costs and the environmental fallout.’

These remarks were made during a speech organized by Deloitte and business school ESADE. Calvert said that wind power is currently a mature power technology in demand all over the world, having benefited from orderly and predictable growth that has prevented the build up of ‘a bubble while generating returns for the economy far in excess of the premiums received.’

Calvet dismissed the idea that wind power is responsible for the tariff deficit in Spain. In 2009, wind power premium shortfalls amounted to 230 million euros, representing 5% of the total tariff deficit, he added.

A stable and favorable regulatory environment will help overcome some of the challenges that wind power is facing in the medium term, Calvert said. He added that the U.S. and China were growing markets.

SOURCE: Gamesa

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