Eskim Selects the Nordex Group to Optimize Turbine Performance


The Nordex Group has been selected by Eksim to optimize the aerodynamics of rotor blades on 80 N100/2500 wind turbines located on five wind farms in Turkey. 

The Nordex Group offers its customers the vortex generator upgrade as an additional option for the N100 turbines with blades that were not previously equipped with the solution. The devices are installed on the top side of the blade – each individually adapted to the specific rotor blade type. 

The Nordex Group worked closely with Eksim early in the development phase. As part of a pilot project in 2016, rotor blades on six N100/2500 wind turbines at the Turkish Susurluk wind farm were equipped with vortex generators. This blade performance-enhancing upgrade has demonstrably increased the annual energy production of the wind farm by 2%.

“We are continuously seeking to increase the energy output and efficiency of our portfolio,” says Sabahattin ER, general manager of Eskim. “We are pleased that the Nordex Turkey service teams completed the project earlier than planned despite potential delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank Nordex Turkey and the Nordex sales teams for the collaboration, professionalism and determination during the planning and execution of the project.”

Vortex generators are an established solution for rotor blade optimization that maximizes a turbine’s output and efficiency. In addition to the reduced costs of power generation, Nordex customers benefit from product reliability and a rapid on-site assembly by certified rope-access technicians, notes the company.

The Nordex Group continually develops upgrades for its legacy fleet using the latest technologies from newer turbine generations. Rotor blades from the group’s Delta and Delta4000 series of turbines come already equipped with vortex generators.

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