Daulton Capital Corp. Expanding Into RE Market


Daulton Capital Corp. has executed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire Energy Solutions People Inc. (ESPinc) and Infinity Power Inc. Focused on renewable energy from solar and wind power, both ESPinc and Infinity Power will facilitate Daulton Capital's entry into the global market for clean energy solutions.

ESPinc exclusively develops and manufactures a complete range of independent energy technology products. The company, which produces solar and wind energy products, was created to address the needs of residential, small commercial and light industrial users.

Infinity Power plans to market and distribute the complete range of ESPinc's independent energy-producing products, including ESPinc's line of solar concentration generators and TITAN wind turbines. Infinity Power currently has distribution rights for ESPinc products in Canada, with an option for the U.S.

ESPinc and Infinity Power are development-stage companies and have not yet generated any revenue. The LOI provides that Daulton Capital will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of the two companies for shares of Daulton's common stock which, when issued, will represent approximately 65% of Daulton Capital's outstanding shares.

SOURCE: Daulton Capital Corp.

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