Avanti Becomes A Cresto/ResQ Distributor


Avanti Wind Systems has become a strategic distributor and service partner for Cresto ResQ products in the wind energy industry. Cresto (previously ResQ) has sold more than 25,000 sets of evacuation and rescue equipment for wind turbine towers around the world.

As a result of the agreement, Avanti Wind Systems will establish training and service centers for Cresto equipment in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, the U.S., India, Australia and China, where Avanti already has offices and factories.

ResQ is owned by Skydda Protecting People Europe AB, part of the Swedish B&B Tools Group.

The Avanti-Cresto partnership also means that the two companies will jointly launch new series of harnesses and other personal protection equipment for technicians working on wind turbine towers.

SOURCE: Avanti Wind Systems

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