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Wind vs. Hydro: British Columbia Has A Vital Decision To Make

As the new government decides whether or not BC Hydro should continue building its multibillion-dollar Site C dam, a study shows new wind development is a cost-competitive alternative to the hydro project. 
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Why Wind Operators Need Predictive Analytics Right Now

The ability to spot and stop problems months before they start was once thought to be years away. But today, it is possible due to specific advances in technology during the last five to 10 years.

Patent Wars Flare Again: GE Tags Vestas For ZVRT In U.S.

In a new complaint filed in U.S. District Court, GE lists a number of U.S. wind farms comprising Vestas turbines that potentially infringe a zero-voltage ride through patent.

Federal Court Decision Affirms States’ Authority On Renewables Policy

The case is important because it demonstrates that states have strong tools to dictate their energy mix (including advancing renewable energy) without violating the Constitution or federal energy laws.
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Sixteen Trends That Will Buoy U.S. Wind Power Into The 2020s

The head of the American Wind Energy Association lays out a slew of industry, market and policy trends that will outlive the wind production tax credit after its phaseout.
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Five Community Relations Tactics For Wind Developers To Protect Their Bottom Line

No matter how well you communicate the local benefits of your wind project, it will always be subject to some sort of skepticism.
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How Policy Can Help Overcome Wind Siting Barriers In The Northeast

Northeastern U.S. states have ambitious renewable energy goals, but will barriers to siting new wind generation and transmission in a land-constrained region stymie their efforts?

IRS Boosts Wind PTC To Adjust For Inflation

The feds have announced an inflation adjustment increase in wind production tax credits from 2.3 cents/kWh to 2.4 cents/kWh.
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Oklahoma House Says Yes To Early Phaseout Of Wind Tax Credits

On March 9, Oklahoma’s House of Representatives passed H.B.2298, which would end the state’s production tax credit for wind energy production three-and-a-half years earlier...

How Would Oklahoma’s Anti-Wind Tax Affect The State’s Industry?

A new tax proposed for existing projects could make wind developers think twice before making big capital investments in the state.

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