Airstreams, ENSA Join Forces


eams Renewables Inc., a provider of safety and technical training, and ENSA Access & Rescue Inc., a provider of wind energy specific height/rescue and confined-space training, have entered into an agreement. Under the agreement, Airstreams Renewables Inc. will acquire the ENSA Access & Rescue platform, which the companies say creates a comprehensive and flexible total training solution. "For training to be truly effective, it must meet both the regulator's and industry guidelines and the specific needs of each customer's unique situation," says Nicholas Jones, the CEO of ENSA. "Increasingly, this takes resources, bandwidth and highly trained specialists able to service the entire training spectrum, and significant wind specific knowledge and experience. Our customers can now choose comprehensive training solutions on-site, using our new mobile tower or take advantage of our existing total training centers." The deal is expected to close by July, positioning ENSA as a wholly owned subsidiary of Airstreams Renewables Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, ENSA will continue to service on-site training throughout North America while leveraging Airstreams' existing total training solution centers located in Tehachapi, Calif., and Gary, S.D. SOURCE: [link=]Airstreams Renewables Inc.[/

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