Zero-Max Expands Couplings For Wider Use


Zero-Max Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wind turbine couplings, has expanded its couplings to cover a range of wind turbine applications. The company's couplings are now available as an upgrade replacement for existing wind turbines and for original equipment manufacturer applications.

Tested under conditions simulating a 20-year load spectrum of continuous operation, Zero-Max turbine couplings can handle torque spikes and high misalignment installations, according to the company.

The couplings withstand high misalignment while remaining torsionally stiff and are designed with composite disk packs at both ends of a center spacer. These disk packs provide high strength and generous flexibility.

Depending on the application, Zero-Max's center spacers can be machined out of steel, composite glass fiber, or 6061-T6 aluminum. Through the use of Finite Element Analysis, these center spacers can be engineered to withstand in excess of 100,000 Nm of torque.

SOURCE: Zero-Max Inc.

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