Zentek, Pattern Energy Conduct Wind Turbine Research


Zentek Ltd., a graphene technology development and commercialization company based in Ontario, Canada, will work together with San Francisco-based Pattern Energy Group LP to optimize, test and validate Zentek’s icephobic coating for wind turbines and components.

Pattern Energy develops, constructs, owns and operates turbines and understands the lost efficiency and potential damage to wind turbines themselves and their surroundings that comes from ice accretion on these structures.

Zentek’s icephobic technology has already demonstrated:

  • Low ice adhesion strength (IAS) between 20 and 40 kPa;
  • Retention of its low IAS with a kPa between 30 and 45, after accelerated weathering, suggesting durability under real environmental conditions;
  • Durability based on rain and sand erosion testing that would meet the requirements of wind turbine use.

As part of their collaboration, Zentek has agreed to give Pattern Energy a priority position to purchase Zentek’s icephobic coating if demand for the product exceeds supply. Zentek has also agreed to give a 40% discount to Pattern on its initial purchases until it has recovered its cost in supporting this research.

The partnership is being supported financially by both the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and PRIMA Quebec – Advanced Materials Moving Forward. The research will be led by Dr. Gelareh Momem at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi and University of Quebec at Rimouski.

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