XZERES Releases 10 kW Wind Power System


XZERES Wind Corp. has released the XZERES 442SR, a 10 kW wind system. The new 442SR model builds on the performance attributes of its predecessor, the XZERES 442HV, integrating new design elements and a dynamic, intelligent controller to boost annual energy output by up to 20% and improve overall system reliability, according to the company.

Standard product features include a standalone indoor/outdoor-rated electronics enclosure and lightning-protection system to withstand rugged environments and extreme weather conditions. The turbine has minimal moving parts and incorporates a new tail design and aerodynamic cowling.

The stall-regulating 442SR controller is Web-enabled and Wi-Fi accessible, delivering wind system performance and diagnostic information in real-time to a home computer or handheld device, according to the company.


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